Self Order and Service Kiosks for Fast Casual and QSR

A modern, powerful, intuitive Self Order Kiosk solution

Self Order Kiosk

Advanced Self Order Kiosk and technologies designed to work with your existing POS system.

Industry Leading Technology

Built with Bleeding-Edge Tech

Excellent Support

GojiCare is the Gold Standard for Service

Personal Accountability

Our company is built on relationships.  We care about your business.


Advanced Security

Security Hardened.  Encrypted from OS to Processing.

Premium Pizza POS

Enterprise Solutions

Designed for True Enterprise Scalability and Management

Optimal Efficiency

Increase your Speed of Service and lower your overhead.

Integrated Payments

Flexible Integrations. 100% PCI-DSS 3.1 Compliant. EMV and NFC Certified.

Advanced Cloud

Planet Scalable 100% Cloud architecture

Advanced Self Order Technologies

GojiKiosk is engineered with the most modern technology available.

Advanced Hardware    –    Modern Code    –    Advanced Cloud    –    Real-Time Database

Speed    |    Security   |   Flexibility   |   Reliability   |   Scalability   |   Interoperability

Keep Your POS.  Add GojiKiosk

GojiKiosk is designed to integrate with many POS systems.  Send kiosk orders to your existing legacy or modern point of sale systems.


Self Order Kiosks designed for Enterprise

  • POS Integrations – Integrates with most major POS systems in the industry
  • Flexible Payments – Integrates with most major Credit Card processors
  • Dynamically structured – Manage the customer’s self order experience on the kiosk
  • True Brand Experience – Deliver a true visual experience that matches your brand’s look and feel
  • Advanced Cloud Platform for Self Order Kiosks and Self Order Technologies
  • Planet scalable kiosk with real-time backend management
  • Powerful Image and content management
  • True Real-Time Data and Reporting
  • Ultra-Hardened Security – Nearly impervious to viral infection and hacking

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