Endurance Plan

Terms and Conditions

Endurance Plan Details

The endurance plan is an extension of the Standard Warranty.  All terms and conditions from the standard warranty apply.

Endurance plan transfers the costs and fees associated with receiving standard warranty benefits to Goji Systems.  This means Goji Systems will pay for and cover the services and fees associated with replacing, repairing, or servicing component(s) and unit(s) that are detailed in the standard warranty.

Warranty coverage will extend as long as client has an active endurance plan with an active GojiCare plan and can extend indefinitely.


All eligibility requirements must be met in order to receive endurance plan benefits.

  • Endurance plan must be activated at time of system purchase
  • An active Endurance plan and GojiCare plan is required
  • An endurance pack(various upgrades and additional protection equipment) may need to be purchased at start of endurance plan
  • All terminals must be covered – If an additional terminal is added after time of purchase, the additional terminal must also be added to the endurance plan


Limitations, Exceptions, & Loss of Coverage

  • A lapse in subscription of three(3) months or more can result in loss of endurance plan coverage and may not be eligible to be re-activated.  Goji Systems at its own discretion may decide how to handle re-activation and coverage and has the full right to allow or deny coverage at Goji Systems discretion.
  • Liability will never exceed value of the component(s) or unit(s) replaced
  • Only New equipment may be covered – Used/refurbished equipment will not be eligible for coverage
  • Only equipment, components, units, and devices that are purchased from and installed by Goji Systems are eligible for coverage
  • All coverage disputes and requirements are to be determined at the sole discretion of Goji Systems.  We will be as reasonable as possible, however this is not negotiable.
  • Goji Systems may deny coverage if abuse, forgery, misrepresentation, or any foul play is suspected
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