GojiKiosk Features

Dynamic and Robust Kiosk Features

True Customizable Design

Goji kiosks can be custom designed to match the look and feel of your business and brand.

Advanced Technology

Goji Kiosk is an advanced self order kiosk solution built on cutting edge technology.


Goji Kiosk is designed to give you the power of the cloud and with the reliability of local servers.

Enterprise Security

Full Encryption at every layer.  100% Sandboxed environment.  100% out of PCI-DSS Scope.

True Scalability

Built on architecture designed for enterprise scale.  Manage 1-1000’s of self order kiosks.

Dynamic POS Integrations

Keep your POS.  Add Gojikiosk.  GojiKiosk can send orders to most major POS systems in the market today.

Customer Experience First

GojiKiosk was built with the quality and dedication to customer experience that Goji Systems is known for.  We’ve implemented designs, technologies, and functionality to deliver the best experience possible.

Recall Previous Orders Anywhere

Recall any order from any store location.  Quickly see all your previous orders and add them to your current order.

Fast and Easy Modification

GojiKiosk has an easy and dynamic modifier selection design with the least amount of touches.  This design makes the user experience fast and simple.

Fully Integrated Secure Payments

Take payments at the kiosk.  EMV Certified.  100% Out of PCI-DSS Scope.

Advertisement Screens

Promote your ads, specials, and deals when Goji Kiosk is not use.  Customers can add your promotional offers directly from the promo screen.

Responsive Layouts

Goji Kiosk is fully responsive so that your kiosk designs look great no matter what size, shape, or orientation.

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