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Unlimited Support is provided Monday – Friday 9am-6pm via ANY of the following methods.

  1. Call Support Line – 267.309.2000 x9
  2. Email an Issue – [email protected]
  3. Message – Leave a message

Any support you require outside of 9am-6pm will be covered your FREE hours per month allowance which also can include on-site service.

Request menu changes Minor menu changes require a MINIMUM of 72 hour notice. We typically get them done sooner, but we want to make sure we test the menus before they are pushed out to your live terminal. If you are changing your entire menu or a whole section, it could take a bit longer. Our goal is to program as quickly as possible but to maintain a high level of accuracy and reliability. Major menu changes(more than 40% of your menu) may require at least 30 Business Days.  Please submit them in a timely fashion.  Coupons require at least 5 business days to complete. When submitting menu changes please indicate what the original item and what the changes are from the old to the new menu. To ensure Quality and Accuracy all changes must be submitted by E-mail or our Support site

  1. Email your changes – [email protected]
  2. Website – Leave a message with the changes in the form or upload –

***Menu Changes taken over the phone may incur a fee and may be subject to a higher degree of error***

Get Training To receive training it is required that training sessions are SCHEDULED. Please also provide a list of the topics and questions that you wish to go over. Training can be done through remote sessions.

  1. Call to schedule a training session – 267.309.2000 x9
  2. Email to schedule a training session – [email protected]
  3. Request a training session online –

Emergency Services (24/7/365)

EMERGENCIES are any service required that is NOT scheduled and requires IMMEDIATE attention. Mission critical issues.

  1. Call for an emergency – 267.309.2000 x9
  2. Email an emergency – [email protected] Please include the word EMERGENCY in the subject line
  3. Request an emergency callback –

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Mercury Voice Authorization

Visa, Master Card, Discover – 1.800.944.1111

American Express – 1.800.528.2121

Process Cards online

You must signup with Mercury over the phone and get a username and password.

Mercury 24/7 Support – 1.800.846.4472

PCI Compliance Assessment and Questionaire. Although we will do everything we can to help you an enable you to be compliant.  However one KEY part is to submit a questionaire from a compliance authorized company.   Please check out the follow information about PCI compliance.   Read about self assessment forms (This is what you will need to do every year)

Mercury Contact

Mercury 24/7 Support – 1.800.846.4472

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